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BT standard heat shank
BT standard heat s…
Wire tapping handle holder HSK-A80
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BBT Shock Shrink Shank - Heavy Duty -
BBT Shock Shrink S…
BBT standard heat shank
BBT standard heat …
BT Shrink Knife - Slender - SLIM LINE
BT Shrink Knife - …
BT standard heat shank
BT standard heat s…
Oblique side of the solid knife handle
Oblique side of th…
Standard heat shrink tubing
Standard heat shri…
     【DECO Hardware Co., Ltd】was founded in 2007. The company was established to operate hardware / plastic mold peripheral consumables products. In the course of several years of development, Tak Tak and customers sincere cooperation, hand in hand. Adhere to Yikeweizun to high-quality products as the leading. Now has a loyal customer.

      The company is committed to the entire Chinese and overseas business development, Bingzhuo hard work, perseverance unyielding, demanding, flexible and flexible business philosophy. To provide our clients with quality, reasonably priced products. Dege company in recent years Acting: Germany FAHRION high precision spring collet handle, BILZ heat shrink knife handle, Italy Nuobo nuova high quality tools, Spain LAIP heat shrink knife handle, Spain Ken KENDU high quality steel knife, , Toothbrush, exchange-type carbide head, plus hard drilling Tsui, Switzerland URMA boring knife reamer, Senara days water jet drill blade, Germany Wiedia WIDIA, DECO Germany high electronic control permanent magnet sucker, the United States Jie root Jergens tooling fixture ball lock shaft, rings, mold accessories.

      At the same time, DECO can be customized for non-standard tool, fast delivery to adapt to the rapid development of the industry, to provide customers with solutions to the processing.

      DECO Hardware Co., Ltd will take full advantage of the existing market and product advantages,……more

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